National Navigation Award Scheme

The aims of the National Navigation Award Scheme are simple – to give lovers of the outdoors, whatever their sport, age or fitness, the freedom to explore the paths, trails, hills and mountains of Britain and abroad. We can run a course on foot, bike or even a canoe.

We currently offer Bronze and Silver NNAS Qualifications and hope soon to add Gold Courses. We run courses in Northumberland - Rothbury. The Lakes - Patterdale and Edinburgh - The Pentlands

What is the Bronze Award?

The Bronze National Navigation Award is a practical hands-on award. It is aimed at people with no navigation experience whether you are new to the outdoors or have been relying on others, guidebooks or easy well-defined routes.

It is also the starting point for many Duke of Edinburgh students, scouts and guides and cadets who are looking to develop their outdoor skills.

The Bronze Award teaches navigation in the countryside using paths tracks and other linear features. Basic map interpretation and compass work is also included.

This is a 2 day course, there is no separate assessment.

What is the Silver Award?

The Silver National Navigation Award develops the navigation skills acquired at the Bronze level. It adds skills required to navigate to features and places some distance from paths and tracks. It teaches accurate compass work. It will also teach you to select the suitable navigational techniques to cross open country.

Silver Award courses are taught in areas with access to open country and involve periods where you’ll be navigating away from paths and tracks.

This is a 2 day course, there is no separate assessment.

Whats is the Gold Award?

The Gold Award builds on the skills acquired at the Bronze and Silver levels and adds techniques and skills for dealing with complex contour features both large and small.

The Gold Award is delivered in two parts with separate Training and Assessment courses giving you ample time to practice.

This is a 2 day course and a separate 2 day assessment.

There are no pre-requirments for these courses. You do not need to do these in order, you can simply enter at the level you feel suits your needs. We are happy to discuss options before you book.

To discuss options, call 01665 602925 or email us