Sea Kayaking - Sugar Sands

Sea Kayaking - This is year on year favourite, we meet on the beach, get you kitted into a nice warm wet suit before heading off to explore the cove reefs and caves that this stretch of coast line has to offer. if you feel adventurous there are some jumps to enjoy and there is usually plenty of marine life around. Its not unusual to see seals or dolphins as well as sea birds diving and fishing.

This takes place at Sugar Sands, one of Northumberlands best kept secrets, near Longhoughton. We meet near the gate as you come onto the seafront. We will introduce you to the kayaks, most are tandems and all are sit-on top, making them safe and easy to use. Then is down to the watersedge for a quick lesson on how to paddle and information about the trip. We will be on the water for about 2 hours, but please allow 3 hours to get in and out of kit.

Our season starts on the 1st March and finished on 31st October.

Please note, we do not take unaccomanied children on this activity. We can take families and the minimum age is 12, these trip can be streneous if we are paddling against wind and tide. The canoe trip is an easier trip and runs on the river Couquet,

We run sessions on the following days:

  • Monday - Morning
  • Wednesday - Afternoon
  • Friday - Afternoon
  • Saturday - Afternoon
  • Sunday - Afternoon

We will supply the kayaks, these are generally tandems and all are sit on tops. We also supply your wetsuits and all safety equipment.

We suggest you bring footwear that you are happy to get wet, and some snacks.

You will need a swimsuit for under your wetsuit and a towel to dry off afterwards.

The minimum age for this activity is 12yrs old.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Important Note: Sea Kayaking is very much weather dependant. We need an onshore wind of less than 15mph or an offshore wind not exceeding 10mph. In addition we need the swell to be less than 3ft. To help us gauge the suitability of a day we use information from various sources, you can view one of these websites by clicking here. If we have to cancel a session we will try to do so as soon as possible. You will be offered an alternate activity or a full refund.

Sessions are cancelled for your safety

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