Coastal Adventure - Kayaking Craster to Beadnell

Coastal Adventure - Craster to Beadnell

This adventure takes place from the harbour at Craster and we travel north along one of Northumberland’s more rugged stretches of shoreline. We navigate around rugged reefs, under cliffs and visit hidden coves, secret caves, and secluded sandy beaches.

The day starts at Craster, where we meet you and issue equipment. Boats are already at the waters edge. We start with a short lesson on how best to control your boat, then head away from Craster towards Beadnell. We will explore the coves and reefs, where possible try a little riding of the surf.

We will stop for drinks and a little exploration of the shore on foot.

This trip lasts 4 to 5 hours. You will need a packed lunch, but we do stop at newton by The Sea, where you can visit the Ship Inn for tea coffee, and food.

When do we offer Kayaking?

We run sessions in July and August, however, the trip is weather-dependent. You need to be in a pair as we use tandem kayaks.


We will supply the kayaks, these are tandem sit-in boats ideal for touring,  a wet suit as well as safety equipment. In warm weather, you may wish to wear your own clothes, shorts & T-Shirts are perfectly acceptable (just remember the sun cream and that you may well get wet).

We suggest you bring footwear with laces that you are happy to get wet, training shoes are ideal. Neoprene/wetsuit shoes are not suitable.

If you choose to use one of our wet-suit you will need a swimsuit for underneath and a towel to dry off afterward. You are welcome to use your own wetsuit if you prefer.

Ability Level: Ideally you will have kayaked before and be comfortable paddling up to 5 miles distance. You may also have to lift and carry your kayak (up to 25kg) over a short distance, this is done working in pairs.


Some days we may run this trip in reverse so as to make the most of prevailing weather conditions.

As this is a linear trip we will arrange transfers to/from Beadnell. We will meet at our base at Craster.


We need a minimum of 2 to run a session and you must book in pairs. We regret we cannot take single paddlers on this trip. We do not use single-seated boats.

Weight Limits: We only use tandem kayaks. these have a combined load weight of 200 kgs and should be evenly loaded front and back. If we are unable to create an even distribution then I am sorry we will not let you start the trip. Please contact us to discuss if you have any doubts.

Adverse Weather:

This trip is very weather dependent and as such we have a high cancellation rate on this particular activity. Our operating level is a wind of 15mph or less and gusts not exceeding 20 mph. Data is as per the Met Office for the location Boulmer. Occasionally swell may add an additional hazard meaning we cancel on what appears inland to be a perfectly nice day.


This trip is weather-dependent and prone to last-minute cancellation particularly early and late season when the weather is against us. We only cancel this trip for safety reasons. You will be offered an alternative activity or a full refund.

If you have any questions, please contact us at