River Kayaking

River Kayaking
The River Coquet at Warkworth is the setting for this trip. The Coquet is one of Northumberlands most famous rivers and is dominated by Warkworth Castle, the former ancesterial seat of the Duke of Northumberland.

Meeting at The Stanners, at Warkworth we enjoy a few hours looking at the sights the river has to offer. This section of the river is tidal which means the scenery is always changing, we regularly see fish leaping and birds dipping and feeding. There are herons wading and some magnificent views of Warkworth Castle and the hermits cave (as featured on Robsons Green's Tales from Northumberland) .

This activity is suitable for children aged 8 yrs upwards. But is not suitable for unaccompanied children under 13. The kayaks used are tandems and young children need to be paired with an adult.

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