Abseil logoAre you a charitable individual or business looking to organise an event? Do you want to offer something a litte more adventurous to entice people to support you?

AbseilThen a charity abseil could be for you!

Charity Abseil, a charitable branch of Adventure Northumberland, can offer you experience and guidance as you plan your charity event.

We will support you with advice on location and size, helping you to choose the best place to host your event, while our risk assessment will consider a list of factors to determine the saftey of the abseil.

We will provide you with the necessary safety equipment to run your event, and support you as you maximise the profit for your chosen charity.

AbseilWe have years of experience building, maintaining and running abseils across the North East of England.

Contact us for a quote at activities@adventurenorthumberland.co.uk or call us on 01665 602925.