Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Northumberland is home to many great crags all with very different characteristics and spectacular views. A session with us includes training, tackling the climbs and time for rest and relaxation. This is definitely an activity you don't want to miss out on. Generally sessions take place at Corby Crag near Alnwick, but occassionally at Bowden Doors or for school groups on the sandstone rocks at Howick.
We can offer an introductory session for beginners to the sport that will include:
  • Correctly fitting a harness
  • Tying knots
  • Belaying
  • Equipment used
  • Creating an anchor
There will be an opportunity to climb several routes of varying difficulty and we will even try to explain how climbs are graded.

If you are a more experienced climber or want to transistion from indoors to trad climbing then sessions can be tailored to your needs.
What do I need?

We supply all the equipment you need for theactivity, on water activities you will need a swimsuit as well as socks and shoes that you dont mind getting wet. We also recommend bringing some food and drink for afterwards.

What equipment is supplied?

All the equipment you need to safely enjoy your session is provided. This includes wetsuits helmets and bouancy aids for water based activities and specialist equipment appropriate to the other activites.

Where does the activity take place?

Click on the booking Tab - information and maps are there. We will also email detailed information on how to get to the meeting point. Please note, meeting points are often in car parks where there are no changing facilities or toilets. Nor do they have a post code so Sat Nav does not work. The links we email you use google maps to get you to the meeting point.

How long does it last?

Sessions run at either 10am or 1.30pm and last 3 hours, however this includes getting in and out of any specialist kit required, wetsuits, harnesses etc.

Can I take pictures?

You are welcome to bring a camera, put please make sure you have a tether so its not lost if you drop it. We also try to take pictures when on the water and these will be made available via our face book page You are also welcome to hire a GoPro camera with harness from us. We will send on the pictures and video after the trip.

Availability & booking

Use the Calendar in the Booking Tab to check availability and make a booking.

To make a booking, please select a time and date from the calendar below, this will bring up the pricing options available on that day. If we are not advbertising a trip that day, we may be able to accomodate you anyway, please contact us

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