Rafting - Lazy River

Rafting - Lazy River The River Coquet at Warkworth is the setting for this trip. The Coquet is one of Northumberlands most famous rivers and is dominated by Warkworth Castle, the former ancesterial seat of the Duke of Northumberland. This activity is ideal for groups of 6 to 8. We travel on the river exploring the bird and wildlife. There are plenty of games to play, which inveiably means getting wet.
Meeting at The Stanners, at Warkworth we enjoy a few hours looking at the sights the river has to offer. This section of the river is tidal which means the scenery is always changing, we regularly see fish leaping and birds dipping and feeding. There are herons wading and some magnificent views of Warkworth Castle and the hermits cave (as featured on Robsons Green's Tales from Northumberland) .

Our rafts take 6 to 8 people, its a great social activity for a family or group wanting some fun and games on the water.

Please note we need a minimum of 6 people on this trip and there is a maximum of 16.
What do I need?

We supply all the equipment you need for theactivity, on water activities you will need a swimsuit as well as socks and shoes that you dont mind getting wet. We also recommend bringing some food and drink for afterwards.

What equipment is supplied?

All the equipment you need to safely enjoy your session is provided. This includes wetsuits helmets and bouancy aids for water based activities and specialist equipment appropriate to the other activites.

Where does the activity take place?

Click on the booking Tab - information and maps are there. We will also email detailed information on how to get to the meeting point. Please note, meeting points are often in car parks where there are no changing facilities or toilets. Nor do they have a post code so Sat Nav does not work. The links we email you use google maps to get you to the meeting point.

How long does it last?

Sessions run at either 10am or 1.30pm and last 3 hours, however this includes getting in and out of any specialist kit required, wetsuits, harnesses etc.

Can I take pictures?

You are welcome to bring a camera, put please make sure you have a tether so its not lost if you drop it. We also try to take pictures when on the water and these will be made available via our face book page www.facebook.com/AdventureNorthumberland. You are also welcome to hire a GoPro camera with harness from us. We will send on the pictures and video after the trip.

Availability & booking

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